Friday, July 9, 2010


She’s here. She took a while but she’s here. Apparently she’s going to be here longer than she usually has been in the past. At times she can be unbearable, but for the most part I appreciate her. Summer.
With summer comes a lot of things, BBQ’s being one of them. My fam (more so my sister and I) are BQ fiends. We love to host and have ppl over, have drinks, food and a good time, on a regular basis. Like weekly, literally. There’s nothing better.
The ladies and I decided to hit up Harbourfront (the day after our bbq) the weather was lovely. They have lil tents set up on a weekly down @ Harbourfront Festival.

This weekend is Beats, Break and something, pretty much a hip-hp festival. I heard Rahkim is performing. It’s a free show, so why the hell not enjoy it. Plus it’s also Afrofest this weekend. It’s an African festival downtown @ Queens Park. There will be Food, music, performances, trinkets, shops and much more. I’m a sucker for accessories, so I’m prolly going to get some earrings or something.
Take advantage of the weekends in the City. Toronto has it going on, don’t sleep.

This weekend calls for another BBQ @ my place, just because we can. BYOB if you’re interested, music and food. I’m telling you, it’s like a vacation…every week.

Real Life Summer


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Keeping Up

This weekend is what my sister would call a “bleaching weekend”, now I dont mean skin bleaching cause I love my black, but it’s a term she uses for stayin out maaaaad late, getting no sleep but regardless you maintain yourself and get all the partying done and still go to work the next day like nothing happened.
It started out Friday night. J had his regular hosting night @ Czehoski but it was on some after hours this time 1am-4am. So I decided to link up with Telly and her boo for a bit. We helped Derrick get ready for some party he was going to, and us ladies went for a walk outside and a nice little talk about life. I got a hold of my girl Nanna (a.k.a one of my twirk it girls) ( ahead of time so she could meet me there so we could head up to Czehoski after.

Once she arrived we hit the road, not much traffic so we rolled up and enjoyed the breeze. As we were about to pull up hunger hit (of course) so we decided to hit up Hero Burger and see what we could get into.

Nana was on some veggie burger business (I don’t get it) but she inhaled that while I picked away at my onion rings. She so tiny, but does mad damage. It’s a pretty nice spot, crazy toppings, everything fresh, A++ for Hero Burger.
We went back to Czehoski for the night, enjoyed the music, had a few drinks and mingled with the crowd. For some reason i decided to try and mingle with the big boys, it was a bad idea. I could barely keep up and had to have a time out the car...for like 2 hrs...I was done for. Nanna n J both checked on me a few times and before I knew it the sun was coming out and it was time to go home. Its now after 5am when me n J get home. After a few hours of sleep and recovery I had a few errands to run and I also had to start mentally preparing myself to go out again Saturday.

My girl Janine(on the right) was celebrating her graduation (yaaay she officially a teacher. headed to Japan to teach) and it was Brains girl Fallons(on the left) birthday as well. So the plan was to pre-drink at the hotel, hit up This Is London, wind down at the hotel until home time. My rebellious spirit managed to convince the group of us to go to Reign instead of this is London.
We had a pretty good time, mixed crowd, music was alright nothing superfantastical but you know. For some reason its practically impossible to get a taxi van to pick up a group of black people in downtown toronto and no one has "after club manners" fights in the streets, cops on horses and bikes, it was a circus outside. J came n scooped me from Big Slice after n we made another Czehoski stop n headed back home. I had to be at the salon for 12pm (pls note I arrived home after 5:30am) so I was running on E for a bit. I managed to make it to the shop and got some good work done. Me n Jen (older sister) held it down at the shop until it was home time

After I finished with my beautiful client me n Junes met up with some of his people down at Dundas Square to watch De La Soul perform, it was soo dope, a beautiful day and turned into an even better night once all the fam was together enjoying the show.
Once the smoke settled I came to terms with the fact that the weekend was over and I had to go back to work the next day **uuugh*** it didn’t help that I had no idea what my schedule was for the week. None the less it’s over. But it will be back soon. The weekend was eventful got to spend time with folks and still enjoy myself, lets see what this weekend brings

Real Life Bleacher


Friday, June 11, 2010

If you were to take a look back at all the pictures I’ve posted of myself on here, you will learn that I change my hair on a regular basis. Hence, I do hair!! Yaay, I’ve been meaning to build a client list recently. I figure if you can find something your good at and people believe in you (support the movement), why not also convince people to pay you for what you’re good at? Make sense right? Good, because I’m trying to make a couple dollars from it.
Now for the most part I work at Hair Resolutions in Meadowvale Town Center at my sisters’ salon. My sister does my hair, but I do all the styling and maintenance for it. I’ve since, branched off and have been able to bring my own clients to the salon to get their hair done. The work I do includes Braids, weaves, cornrows, styling, up-do, layers, colors and so forth.

I’ve always been interested in opening a salon/parlour of my own, so I’m doing the research and working towards refining my craft. If ever you need a job done, you can contact me, I’m soo good for it.
Look out for my hair blog, I have yet to choose a name so any kind of suggestions would be nice.

Real Life Stylist


From Paris With Love

I know I should be ashamed of myself, crazy girl telling people you have a blog and its been 3 weeks since I blogged **SMH big time**. I would like to extend my apologies to the potentially 3 readers I have on this thing.
After my return from France I’ve learned to appreciate the things I have around me more. With a new insight comes new growth and with new growth comes new realizations. While in Paris I met a lot of young people whose ambitions put mine to shame? The trip was beautiful and eye opening.

MY bestes amiga Samira and her family were way more than welcoming to me. ‘The Quebecer” is what I was known as. Every time I was introduced to someone new, they would ask “l’Americaine?” meaning pretty much “Is she the American?” “NO” I would say proudly, “I’m the Canadian!!!” and proceed to give and receive double kisses.

Never in my life did I ever think I would see the Eifel Tower, let alone stand under it at night while it sparkles and glows. Notre Dame, L’Ouvre, Versaille, Euro Disney, Comedy Club, Chiwuawa, Stade De France and a lot more things are on my list of things to blog about. Unfortunately there will be a delay with the pictures, but I will share as they come.

Real Life B'zoos


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

From Paris with Love

Ive been here for only 3 days so far. Its absolutely beautiful, but my internet access and internet time is limited! I will be back shortly to post more and upload some pictures

Real Life Parisian


Monday, May 17, 2010


Here are some pictures from the showcase at Dawson College in Montreal.
The thing I relaly enjoyed about this showcase is that it was entirely put together by the students. I believe there was only 1 teacher involved in the entire production from beginning to end.

I didnt mention earlier, but I got a chance to do some hair while I was backstage, I cleaned up some of the sylists mess (high five) dont get me wrong, they did an amazing job, but for a couple "ethnic" students, they had a harder time. I'm always down for a challenge, so I did what I could with what I had, and it was done fantastically!

Go Me!
Enjoy the pictures!!
p.S. I would just like to point out the fact that ALL of these pictures were taken courtesy of my Blackberry Bold (no Cannons in the place) so I apologize if they dont look super fantastic!

<<---MoDeL lIfE i dont remember the designer, but she looked good and rocked out none the less!! Yay lil sis!

<<---Now i dont think these were sponsored or anything, I believe they belong to one of the students ( shes on the executive committee for the show and her walk is mean)i had to post this for the shoe feinds out there.

Make-Up was done in the washroom, the challenge wasnt the potential fire hassard that capacity cause, the challenge was the heat in there, no ventilation. But it still worked out beautifully.

<<---This designer "Arti-Gogna" some of the designs are crazy, its very colorful pieces ---->>>>

<<--- I believe this is the FCUK dress, its pretty cool to be able to get sponsors like this for schooling. <<<-------

<<--- this line i believe was a local line of T-shirts called "FUNK" pretty dope, skater style t-shirts n scarves

---->>> another pic of the end of the show, I just like the lighting here.

Friday, May 14, 2010


So the beautiful people at City on My Back, somehow managed to catch up with Junia-T, and held him long enough for an interview. They delve into his influences, growth, contributions and aspirations. Not a lot of musicians are humble enough to want to give back. Read the article to see what kinda of MC’s are growing straight from T.Dot Soil.------->>Check Side Bar!

It’s a wonder how this happened. He’s always on the move, going and coming at the same time, sometimes he works so hard that the days fuse together, but it’s all for a cause; to bring music back. I’m not pushing this just because of love, but sincerely, his music comes from a good place, made genuine from scratch and always makes you feel good, there’s always a time in your life that the music makes you float back to.

An extremely humble spirit, but still knows how to get down. If you ever wanna catch him, you’re guaranteed to do so each and every Friday night at Czehoskis “It’s a Party” and on June 5th brings another insane party, the best kind of party anyone can attend, The Good Music Party, he’ll be hosting along side DJ Nana. It’s also the Video Release for the Smash Brovaz new single “Whatchu Need” @ Calisto (647 College St Toronto)

Real Life Recognition!