Friday, July 9, 2010


She’s here. She took a while but she’s here. Apparently she’s going to be here longer than she usually has been in the past. At times she can be unbearable, but for the most part I appreciate her. Summer.
With summer comes a lot of things, BBQ’s being one of them. My fam (more so my sister and I) are BQ fiends. We love to host and have ppl over, have drinks, food and a good time, on a regular basis. Like weekly, literally. There’s nothing better.
The ladies and I decided to hit up Harbourfront (the day after our bbq) the weather was lovely. They have lil tents set up on a weekly down @ Harbourfront Festival.

This weekend is Beats, Break and something, pretty much a hip-hp festival. I heard Rahkim is performing. It’s a free show, so why the hell not enjoy it. Plus it’s also Afrofest this weekend. It’s an African festival downtown @ Queens Park. There will be Food, music, performances, trinkets, shops and much more. I’m a sucker for accessories, so I’m prolly going to get some earrings or something.
Take advantage of the weekends in the City. Toronto has it going on, don’t sleep.

This weekend calls for another BBQ @ my place, just because we can. BYOB if you’re interested, music and food. I’m telling you, it’s like a vacation…every week.

Real Life Summer


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